Minimum Order

 Minimum order for Wedding Cakes is 30 servings

 We require wedding cakes to be ordered at least  3 weeks in advance. 

A minimum of $200.00 (non-refundable) deposit and a signed contract is required to order your Wedding Cake, the remaining balance is due 14 days before your wedding.  Cakes that are less than $200 must be paid in full at the time of ordering


 Cake Flavors 

Vanilla, Chocolate, Pink Champagne, Coconut, Cinnamon, Cookies & Cream, Confetti, Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, Red Velvet  

Buttercream Filling Flavors Vanilla, Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter,

Mocha, Cream Cheese, Orange, Blueberry, Raspberry, Key Lime​


 We deliver within 60 miles of our location.

Delivery charges are calculated based on distance and set up time.  

Further deliveries can be arranged based on our availability, please call or email us for pricing.

Tiers & Servings

There are many ways we can combine different tier sizes to get the look you are going for and to accommodate the number of servings needed.  

This is just a guideline to show the number of tiers possible based on the servings needed.

The larger the number of guests -the larger the number of tiers or the larger the diameter/ size of those tiers.

2 tiers- 30 guests 

2 tiers-  40 guests 

2 tiers- 50 guests

3 tiers- 50 servings

3 tiers- 60 servings 

3 tiers-70 servings

3 tiers- 80 servings

3 tiers- 90 servings

3 tiers- 100 servings

3 tiers- 120 servings

4 tiers- 80 servings

4 tiers- 90 servings

4 tiers- 100 servings 

4 tiers- 120 servings

4 tiers- 130 servings

4 tiers- 140 servings

4 tiers- 150 servings

4 tiers- 160 servings

4 tiers- 170 servings


5 tiers 180-225 servings

6 tiers- 250 servings

7 tiers or more- 275+  servings


Custom Wedding Cakes

We don't have a standardized price for our Custom Wedding Cakes because each cake is unique, however the final price will be  based on the size and the complexity of the design.

Custom Wedding Cakes cost between $6.50-$12.00 per serving, on average.


Bridal Collection Cakes

Our Bridal Collection Cake cost between $4.50-$6.00 per serving, on average.

Cupcake Towers

 Our standard size cupcakes are $28 per dozen, decorated cupcakes  range between $32-$75 per dozen, the final price depends upon decorations.

A 6" top tier cake (serves 10-12) typically cost between $45.00-$95.00

Tower and Cake Stand Rental

We have a beautiful collection of cake stands and cupcake towers for rent.  Rental costs typically runs between $25.00$-50.00 per item.